EVC-1122-VI EN54

The EVC-1122-VI EN54 is a unique offering that is constructed in a variable-intensity (VI) configuration. In a variable intensity loudspeaker, the downward angle of the front-facing woofer and the asymmetrical wave guide work together to evenly cover a clearly defined, rectangular audience area with a single loudspeaker system.

  • EN 54 EVAC certified for emergency voice alarm – adds to EV’s portfolio of full-fidelity EN 54 loudspeaker system solutions
  • 12” two-way loudspeaker with asymmetrical horn uniformly covers a defined rectangular area
  • High quality transformer and patented Automatic Saturation Control (ASC) preserve low-frequency response over 70 V / 100 V lines for any number of loudspeakers
  • Power rating: 150 W Continuous, (600 W Peak)

The size of the coverage area is determined by the mounting height and the vertical mounting angle of the loudspeaker. The advantage of the VI approach is that there is reduced variation in sound level from the front to the back of the audience, compared to typical point source solutions. In most situations, the change is so gradual that the sound level will seem almost constant as you walk the coverage pattern. The EVC-1122-VI EN54 delivers clear, articulate speech reproduction but, in addition, is an excellent choice for foreground music applications.

The high frequency section of the EVC-1122-VI EN54 loudspeaker comprises a single 1¼-inch pure titanium dome compression driver directly coupled to a compound waveguide that combines long-throw and short-throw behavior in a single acoustical device. This unique waveguide creates uniform pattern control and smooth, linear response.

The low frequency section employs a high-output woofer that was developed using state-of-the-art, computer-aided optimization to provide low distortion, high efficiency, and maximum intelligibility at high sound pressure levels. The passive crossover implements a fourth-order Linkwitz Riley design with slopes of 24 dB per octave for smooth off-axis response and improved definition through the critical vocal range.

The enclosures are constructed of high-grade plywood and finished with EVCoat for enhanced durability. The EVC-1122-VI EN54 has been designed with three M10 rigging points as well as attachment points for an optional Ubracket that can be mounted to the ceiling or the wall behind the loudspeaker. Input connectors accept wire gauges up to 10 AWG (5.26 sq mm).

EN-54 versions of EVC loudspeakers ship with the high quality Electro-Voice TK-150 audio transformer preinstalled. The TK-150 works in conjunction with EV's patented Automatic Saturation Compensation (ASC), which preserves low frequency performance while presenting a stable load to the amplifier regardless of how many loudspeakers are connected in parallel.

EVC_VI_White_Scaled_LowRes_32559 (1).png (1235×1279)