EVID Commercial Loudspeakers

The EVID (EV Innovative Design) family is the industry’s most complete family of commercial loudspeaker solutions, with acoustically and aesthetically matched surface-mount, ceiling-mount, pendant-mount and flush-mount models for spaces of every size and shape, indoors or outdoors.

NEW! C4.2LP (4” low‑profile ceiling) , C6.2 (6.5" ceiling) and P6.2 (6.5" pendant)

Every EVID loudspeaker is designed with both the contractor and the listener in mind, combining unique timesaving features to simplify installation with best-in-class audio performance, excellent value, low-profile looks and robust reliability.

EVID is your go-to product family for high-quality background music and paging. They are ideal for bars, restaurants, patio areas, retail spaces, hotel hallways and lobbies, pool areas, airport lounges and concourses, fitness clubs, houses of worship, medial facilities, office and commercial buildings, performing arts centers and similar venues.

With an EVID solution for any commercial audio application – each offering superior sound quality and features at a highly competitive price point – users can combine various models to create an optimal system design with consistent looks and voicing throughout, whether using a few units or hundreds.


Professional sound quality, architecture-friendly installation and the set-it-and-forget-it reliability that comes from super-durable enclosures and components tested to the industry’s highest standards. A wide range of EVID surface-mount models are available so you can select a models to suit both the listening environment and the budget.

EV-engineered internal components and durable mounting hardware and enclosures ensure EVIDs outperform and outlast competitors’ products – as proven in thousands of applications around the world. Trust EVID when exceptional coverage and intelligibility is required in compact formats that blend effortlessly into their surroundings.

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NEW! C4.2LP (4" low-profile ceiling) and C6.2 (6.5" ceiling)

EV offers a wide range of ceiling loudspeakers in various configurations – superior-quality solutions for overhead sound reinforcement, with options to precisely cover every size and shape of space. All are elegantly designed to blend almost invisibly into their environment.

Mix and match from a product lineup including coaxial, high-ceiling, low-profile, pendant, premium high-performance, shallow-can and subwoofer models. Stunning clarity and coverage, proven reliability, and time-saving features for swift and secure installation make EVID the contractor’s choice.

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NEW! P6.2 (6.5" pendant)

Pendant loudspeakers provide a convenient way to equip open ceiling spaces with sound where conventional surface or ceiling-mount speakers cannot be used. As with all EVID models, excellent audio quality and wide coverage is a priority, meaning a few pendant models can seamlessly cover a large area.

State-of-the-art enclosure designs further optimize acoustic performance, and are designed for easy installation and maintenance in addition to durability and discreet styling.

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FM models fit neatly into walls and ceilings, yet provide high output and outstanding full-range fidelity. Super-shallow form factors coupled with premium EV-engineered components ensure the optimal combination of compact size and room-filling sound.

When mounted, rugged ribbed back cans eliminate unwanted flexing; sealed construction keeps sound focused and isolated from adjoining rooms. Contractor-friendly features for straightforward and flexible installation add more value to the aesthetic and acoustic refinement. FM series: high-performance sound reinforcement in a unique low-profile package.

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