New sound system for venue MFC De Meulewiek

A major renovation was planned for MFC De Meulewiek in Meterik in 2020. Part of this renovation was a new sound system by Pouwels Audiovisual

Dutch audiovisual company Pouwels was able to deliver and install this installation. Together with the technical team of De Meulewiek, they mounted the speakers and amplifiers. The sound system was officially delivered on December 29.

The sound system

The board of MFC De Meulewiek asked Pouwels to make a proposal for the supply of a sound system that would ensure that all associations can make optimal and user-friendly use of the sound technical facilities. Important conditions were:

  • Scalability of the system
  • Clear speech intelligibility
  • Sufficient power

Scalability of the system

The sound system had to be divided into several separate systems, but it also had to be used as a large system if all rooms were to be combined. Smart control of the system by means of the Dynacord MXE5 matrix makes this possible.

Dynacord MXE5, IPX10:4 en TPC-1
Electro-Voice Evid S5.2

Clear speech intelligibility in any room

It regularly happened that speakers could not be heard clearly. Pouwels solved this by suspending Electro-Voice Evid S5.2 speakers in a distributed manner. These work in addition to the main system in the hall, so that speech can also be clearly heard under the balcony and in the foyer.The Evid S5.2 also form the basis for the sound system in the foyer. In combination with the Dynacord C-1300 amplifier, good sound quality at a low level is also guaranteed.

Power when it is needed

The main system in the room consists of Electro-Voice loudspeakers from the EVF series. The loudspeakers are driven by the new Dynacord IPX10: 4 amplifier. This combination provides power for every activity with sufficient headroom and good sound. It is a good basis for live music, theater / theater and electronic music. This gives MFC De Meulewiek the opportunity to better facilitate a wide arrange of activities.

Electro-Voice EVF

Why Electro-Voice and Dynacord?

Pouwels choice of brands has two main reasons. "On the one hand, we have many years of experience in applying Electro-Voice in particular in our live productions. This experience ensures that we have been able to create a suitable solution for MFC De Meulewiek. On the other hand, both brands are the perfect combination for application in this solution. The extensive range of speakers from Electro-Voice has ensured that we have been able to select the right speakers for this installation. The Dynacord amplifiers and system matrix provide the ideal control for the loudspeakers. The ability to easily integrate everything ensures a user-friendly solution for the customer." - Hayke Pouwels

Electro-Voice Evid S5.2 in de foyer
Dynacord MXE5, IPX10:4 en TPC-1
TPC-1 bedieningspaneel

Electro-Voice EVF luidsprekers
Uitleg van het systeem door Hayke Pouwels
Electro-Voice EVF luidsprekers

Uitzicht vanuit foyer naar zaal
Electro-Voice Evid S5.2 onder het balkon