"PXM-12MP brings real power to any performance" (video)

The PXM-12MP self-powered stage monitor is dedicated for day-to-day live performances. It offers clear monitoring with high SPLs to always prevail on stage, and prevents exhaustion of a performer’s voice, while combining compact dimensions with light weight.

At the same time, the versatile PXM-12MP can also be used as a delay, fill or PA for short-throw applications on a speaker stand or pole in combination with a subwoofer. Thanks to the acoustically optimized 55° vertical floor monitor angle, the artist gets clear intelligibility of the monitor mix, no matter how near or far away they are from the monitor. The wide 90° horizontal angle empowers the artist to move across the stage, rather than being constrained to just a small part of it. EV’s high-performance transducers deliver superior sound with consistent coverage, which ensures a clear mix that can be always heard without constraining performers to a tiny part of the stage. The PXM-12MP features a high-efficiency two-channel Class-D 700W amplifier powered by Dynacord and the integrated QuickSmartDSP for best-in-class processing, all via LCD. In addition, the PXM-12MP will also be your best buddy on the road, coming in a robust enclosure and weighing only 13.5 kg.

PXM-12MP Engineering Data Sheet