SONICUE 1.3 Sound System Software Update

SONICUE 1.3 Sound System Software is ready for download, which will bring significant enhancements to the MXE5 Matrix Mix Engine.


The newly released SONICUE 1.3 will add:  

  • New, smooth way of working with new Dynacord devices in OCA-controlled (AES70) sound systems, and more.
  • Intuitive, guided workflow to design, control, and supervise small to large sound systems
  • Integrated system visibility and direct access – see parameters system wide in “speaker view” and permanently editable – if required
  • Dedicated interaction design featuring a time-saving fly-out concept
  • SONICUE Control for customized control panels running as stand alone applications on PCs, TPC-1 or iOS devices
  • Supports of the powerful Task Engine in MXE5 for creation of advanced tasks without coding skills
  • Working with loudspeaker data libraries of Electro-Voice and other loudspeaker brands

SONICUE's new user interaction design ensures operators have direct access to every sound system parameter, even directly from the loudspeakers managed in dedicated speaker databases. A unique multi-stage flyout concept makes it easy to retrieve the perfect overview and adjust while monitoring other parameters without the need to close menus.

Dedicated loudspeaker databases includes models of the following manufacturers

View the dedicated speaker databases

The Task Engine in SONICUE running on MXE Matrix Mix Engine allows complex system functions for control, monitoring and supervision without programming knowledge. User control panels run independently in SONICUE Control, the panel viewer app for PCs, iOS devices, as well as the TPC-1 and WPN1 controllers. SONICUE’s panel designer provides all the tools to create customized control GUIs dedicated to the individual needs of the end user. SONICUE is a system-based solution, which can be immediately understood by users at every level, helping them get the job done no matter how simple or complex it may be.

Download Update Here